Charlemagne Wine Club - 2002 Tastings

Monday 18th February 2002
Sherry with John Douglas
Catherine of Aragon, a highly cultured woman, reportedly complained of Henry VIII, “ The King, my husband, keeps all the best wines from Jerez for himself”.
What is the difference between a Manzanilla, Amontillado and Oloroso ? Does the decanter of Cream Sherry that Aunt Maud has kept in the dresser for ten years really improve with age or does your palate tell you otherwise ? What makes Sherry different from other white wines ? Chardonnay it is not! Arguably its special flavours are an acquired taste but then many of us have not tasted across the spectrum of wines that are produced.
Coming from the warm southern tip of Spain the wines are strongly influenced by the cooling breezes of the Atlantic Ocean, but it is the methods of production and storage that do much to determine the final style of wine.
We are indeed fortunate that John Douglas, a devotee of fortified wines, has collected some fine examples of this noble wine in a variety of styles from the House of Valdespino and unlike Henry VIII is prepared to explain and share them with us.