Charlemagne Wine Club - 2006 Tastings

Monday 20th February 2006
“Wine Report” from Eastern France by Wink Lorch
Wink will present nine wines from five different regions in Eastern France including 3 wines from her speciality areas on which she writes for Wine Report - Savoie and the mysterious Jura.
In the last couple of years Wink has made short visits to the Rhône, Burgundy and Alsace and she will share some impressions of these areas as well as presenting some wines with a little age on them that should be just right to taste now.
Between wines, Wink promises to talk about the changes happening in the culture of eating and drinking in France, which link in with some of the factors that have brought the French wine industry into a deepening crisis. However, she promises not to go on strike during the evening, nor to launch a collection for the beleaguered French vignerons.