Charlemagne Wine Club - 2010 Tastings

Monday 15th February 2010
David and Goliath presented by Christos Ioannou

'In the Red Corner, Tesco the colossus, 'The Goliath' of the retail world who sell 1 in every 3 bottles of wine bought in the UK. In order to satisfy their huge customer base they have to buy from the largest producers who can supply the vast quantities they require. So could Tesco be accused of stocking only bland, boring wines made to a formula to satisfy the mass market?

In the Blue Corner Jascots, aka 'David', a small independent merchant based locally who source all of their wines from small, mostly family run estates. Is Small Beautiful? Are these wines better than their mass produced cousins? Or are they just more 'interesting' a word often used for quirky?

Christos will present 5 pairs of wines, in each pair one from Tesco and one from Jascots, which will be served 'Blind'. Will David slay the mighty Goliath? The decision will be yours as we will take a vote after each pair has been tasted. Christos sells Jascots' wines to his own customers, so his reputation will be on the line.'