Charlemagne Wine Club - 2003 Tastings

Monday 20th January 2003
“A personal selection” with John Ducker
John Ducker writes: I have never presumed to do this before, but our January tasting will feature a range of my own personal wine ‘finds’ across the past year.
I was lucky enough to have travelled fairly widely across 2002 either researching or lecturing on wines, or (on one occasion) simply having a brief holiday . My sun-soaked destinations included Madeira, Portugal, Spain, Mallorca, Sardinia, Isola di Lipari, Sicily and Puglia in southern Italy.
Francophiles and New World addicts need not despair – my ‘star’ January choices will not all be from the Mediterranean.
One of the best value ‘blanc de noirs’ Champagnes I have found recently may make an entry to the list, and possibly something gorgeous from the Rhône too.
There will even be a few edible ‘somethings’ from my own kitchen, not only to match the wines but to add completeness to what could turn out to be a moderately enjoyable evening , setting up our tastebuds for 2003.