Charlemagne Wine Club - 2002 Tastings

Monday 15th July 2002
Staying Cool: The Pacific Northwest with John Ducker
Regardless of whether the British summer weather requires us to wrap up warmly we’ll be going cool in July with North Western Pacific wines from ‘juicy’ Oregon and ‘the flowering desert’ of Washington State and, who knows, maybe even further afield. Long sunshine hours coupled with cool growing conditions add special interest to this undervalued area of world-class wine.
A bit of a reluctant debutante in UK markets, the NWP has been steadily building a domestic reputation on the back of some very successful recent vintages - and (in case Burgundians didn’t know- but I’m sure you did) Oregon is the Pinot Noir capital of the world! Frontiersman’s hype? (or should that be frontiersperson’s?) We’ll put it to the test on July 15th. when we shall sample a representative range of unfamiliar American wines which may offer a few pleasant surprises.