Charlemagne Wine Club - 2002 Tastings

Monday 17th June 2002
Around Italy with Wimbledon Wine Cellar
“Would you like a glass of wine ?”
The voice broke through my studied concentration of the bottles on the shelves. “Love one”, I heard myself saying as I accepted the profferred glass, large, with a decent fill of vibrant red liquid.
It is not surprising that Wimbledon Wine Cellar was recently awarded the accolade of 2001 Best Small Independent Wine Merchant. With service like that they get my vote. A passion for wine is clearly evident in the staff and on the shelves. Great name producers vie for space with the up and coming in a relaxed and knowledgeable environment.
The content of my glass was full of sunshine, ripe, fruity, concentrated and beautifully structured. It was from Italy - one of the newer producers.
That is why Eamonn Smith, from their Chiswick branch, will be visiting us with a selection of bottles from Wimbledon Wine Cellars’ extensive list of Italian delights.