Charlemagne Wine Club - 2003 Tastings

Monday 16th June 2003
Just Desserts
Another in our occasional series offering the opportunity for matching wines with food. Dessert wines come in a range of styles, flavours and sweetness levels and it can sometimes be a little daunting trying to find something that will complement that “favourite pud”.
To aid us in our quest, several club members have volunteered to prepare or source a selection of desserts that may complement and flatter the winemakers’ efforts (or not). The judgement is yours.
The line up of wines will probably include:
Noble One: - Australia’s answer to D’Yquem
Chateau Richard – Saussignac: - Not far from Sauternes
A Coteaux du Layon - a peach from the Loire
Vino Santo - an Italian classic
Essensia Orange Muscat – Andrew Quady: - explosive flavour from a fireworks man !
Sparkling Moscato - perfect with Strawberries ?
Maury – Mas Amiel: - a match for chocolate ?
A luscious Sauvignon from Austria