Charlemagne Wine Club - 2013 Tastings

17 June 2013

English Wines presented by Julia Stafford of Wine Pantry

As a late celebration of English Wine Week and in anticipation of a glorious summer, this month we look close to home with the fruits of the English countryside. Grapes have been grown here since Roman times and though the modern revival began in the 1950s it is the last 20 years which have seen a marked improvement in the wine styles and quality available. The production of bottle-fermented sparkling wines is one of the major growth areas in UK wineries and the UK is now recognised as a premium wine-producing region.

Julia Stafford invested her savings in Wine Pantry, one of Londonís smallest shops at Borough Market, sourcing her products directly from producers. ďWhy English wine? Because itís good. Indeed itís good enough to compete with, and beat, wines from around the world at international competitions every year.Ē

In the two years since that start, Wine Pantry has picked up a string of awards, culminating, most recently, with the Decanter Specialist Wine Merchant of the year award in 2012. Last December, Wine Pantry opened a new outlet in the Grand Terrace on the upper concourse at St Pancras International.

We will be tasting across a range of sparkling, white, rosť and red wines. each from a different producer.