Charlemagne Wine Club - 2005 Tastings

Monday 21st March 2005
Boutique Australia presented by David McDonnell
Where would you rather buy your wine ? Given the choice wed probably all prefer to buy direct from the vineyard. Good prices and the opportunity to taste before we buy.
Most wine exported from Australia comes from a handful of large corporations whose fruit is provided by several thousand private vineyard owners. However, some of these growers reserve a limited amount of their best fruit to make their own unique wines .
David McDonnell of Australian Vineyards Direct, imports these limited edition wines from producers such as Bird in Hand, Eden Springs and Gemtree and offers them to UK consumers at little more than Cellar Door prices.
The style spectrum we can expect from these vineyards in the Barossa, Adelaide Hills and other parts of South Australia, ranges from fruit driven through to wines of great elegance and finesse.