Charlemagne Wine Club - 2011 Tastings

Monday 21st March 2011
Sangiovese presented by Sarajane Bartlett of Colsanti

Colsanti Some grapes have the capability of showing multiple personalities in the hands of skilled winemakers. Pinot noir provides the classic Burgundy still red wine and is also a basis of Champagne. Chenin Blanc produces wines ranging from sparkling Vouvray and crisp dry Touraine wines to luscious dessert wines of Bonnezeaux. Sangiovese is a classic Italian varietal and it, too, can also demonstrate chameleon-like characteristics.

Italy's most planted red wine grape, it underpins the majority of reds from central Italy including Chianti, Brunello di Montalcino, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, as well as Rosso Conero and Rosso Piceno. Beyond Tuscany, it is widely planted in Umbria, the Marche and Lazio, and can be found as far afield as Lombardy and Valpolicella to the north and Campania to the south.

Sarajane Bartlett will be presenting Sangiovese based wines from different parts of Italy and in styles from sparkling through to sweet. Colasanti, formed in 2006 by three people with a love of wine and Italy and named after two of them, has wines from fifteen regions of Italy. In their search for the distinctive and unusual they look for boutique vineyards, which are usually still family owned and managed, and bring a quality and dedication to their craft, making their wines truly representative of their region.