Charlemagne Wine Club - 2004 Tastings

Monday 17th May 2004
Domaine Sainte Rose presented by Charles and Ruth Simpson
Domaine Sainte Rose is a 55 hectare estate owned by a young British couple Charles and Ruth Simpson, pursuing a mutual dream to establish a boutique vineyard and winery of their own.
Their passion for wine and their desire to invest in an ‘emerging’ wine-producing area, rather than an area that was already well established, led them to the exciting and highly diverse French wine-producing region of Languedoc-Rousillon.
The Simpsons have a very specific quality-orientated strategy. While their intention is to continue the tradition of viticulture and wine production on the Domaine, their goal is to gradually introduce a more organic approach to viticulture and to utilise modern wine making techniques.
At Domaine Sainte Rose the overriding aim is to create authentic, affordable, handcrafted, family-made varietal and blended wines in very limited quantities.