Charlemagne Wine Club - 2006 Tastings

Monday 13th November 2006
Port presented by Will Parker from Waitrose
Head and shoulders above the other wines of Portugal is its renowned fortified wine - Port.
Britain has been shipping wines from Portugal since the mid 15th century and it was British merchants seeking greater supplies of wine who ventured inland to the Alto Douro, a harsh and inhospitable region where they came upon intense and richly flavoured wines such as they had never before encountered. As the wines suffered a little sickness on their long sea voyage to Britain these enterprising merchants added brandy to the casks.
The sweeter and more fortified the wine, the more appreciated it was by the noble families of Britain. Thus Britain's love affair with Port began.
Will Parker has been similarly smitten and is keen to pass on his enthusiasm with this comprehensive tasting of Port. The programme will include representatives of most styles and qualities.