Charlemagne Wine Club - 2002 Tastings

Monday 21st October 2002
What’s New at Waitrose ? presented by Simon Hayward
The Bread and Cheese with which we traditionally end our tasting evenings is normally purchased from our local Waitrose supermarket. This month’s wines will also come from the same store and be presented by their knowledgeable and enthusiastic manager, Simon Hayward.
Waitrose have a distinguished record of awards, regularly winning accolades as “Supermarket of the Year”. Their list is wide ranging and well chosen at all price levels and what marks out their Inner Cellar is that, like an independent retailer, there is room for just a few cases of something interesting from a special producer.
It is sometimes difficult to pin Simon down in the store as he is frequently honing his palate at trade tastings and is a regular Judge for Wine Magazine’s International Wine Challenge, but when he can be caught his recommendations are always worthwhile.
His selection may well include wines which are not yet on the shelves in store or from the list of Waitrose Direct.