Charlemagne Wine Club - 2006 Tastings

Monday 16th October 2006
The Wines of Southwest France presented by Quentin Sadler
French wine is not just about Bordeaux, Burgundy and the Rhone, or even Champagne, Alsace or the Loire. In many smaller wine producing areas a new generation of vignerons are building on long standing traditions to produce wines of quality and individuality. Southwest France includes many small areas whose names may be familiar from touring holidays after the obligatory visit to Bordeaux. Cahors, Madiran, Bergerac, Jurancon and Monbazillac are probably the better known but Quentin, whose wine interests "roam the globe, wherever expressive and idiosyncratic wines can be found" will surely present some surprises. Despite his apparent youth, Quentin has spent almost 20 years in the wine trade. In that time he has done most things - managing wine shops, selling to the trade, hotels and restaurants, buying, marketing and a lot of tasting. Those who attended the Wine Rack tasting earlier this year will, no doubt, remember his enthusiastic style!