Charlemagne Wine Club - 2012 Tastings

Monday 15th October 2012

Wines for Spice
presented by Warren Edwardes

How often have you had a spicy meal, perhaps Indian, Thai, Szechwan Chinese or Mexican and opted for the “traditional” lager as a default because wine just doesn’t seem to work with the flavours? This was the problem confronting Warren Edwardes, a former investment banker, born in New Delhi, and a passionate wine enthusiast.

What was missing, according to Warren was a good selection of wines specifically created, and not just marketed, to be drunk with curries and spicy food - a range of refreshing "wines for world cuisine". Many of the wines that are sold as "curry wines" seemed to be without any real character to them and merely bland and inoffensive "wine lake" surplus produce.

In 2003 Warren created a company, Wine for Spice®,to specify and commission quality wines to complement spicy food - all quality semi-sparkling wines with the refreshing qualities of a cold beer and without tannin or oak.. He says "other than good quality, cool and refreshingly sparkling be it beer, water or wine, are my requirements of a drink to go with a curry or spicy food."

Warren will present the secrets of his research and the resulting wines to us. In order to obtain the full experience we will taste a range of wines, including Warren’s, together with a selection of sauces of different heat levels.