Charlemagne Wine Club - 2014 Tastings

20th October 2014

Forgotten Regions presented by Robert Woodhead of Red Squirrel Wine

It’s always a pleasure, when browsing the shelves of local wine merchants, to come across a bottle from a producer or region that has been shunted to the back of the memory by the bigger names or the ‘new kids on the block’. Red Squirrel Wine is a local online merchant based in Chiswick, whose aim is not to pander to the fashionable, or worry over a wine critic's points rating.

“All we care about is providing wine to evoke a sense of enjoyment and discovery”.

Born in 2012, Red Squirrel now list 22 producers from 6 countries, which they source directly from vineyards in Italy, France, Spain, Portugal and Australia, as well as our very own shores. Wines of character and distinction are what interests them and quite obviously their customers, as they have boosted their sales fivefold in just the last 3 months.

“Winegrowers are attracted to what we’re up to, meaning that while we do spend a lot of time travelling and seeking out new gems ourselves, some of our strongest relationships are with people who actually sought us out. It’s a great privilege that small producers who make hundreds, not thousands, of cases a year, have put their trust in us.”