Charlemagne Wine Club - 2005 Tastings

Monday 19th September 2005
Pic Wines – Côteaux du Languedoc introduced by Julie Statham
The Languedoc is the oldest wine growing region in France. Vines were first imported by the ancient Greeks. After many years of producing high volumes of rough table wine, the last two decades have seen a revolution in winemaking in the region with the focus now being very much on quality.
The Côteaux du Languedoc is an area of extreme natural beauty with a surprising diversity of soils and micro-climates. The palette of wines produced is also diverse with rosés, sweet and dry whites, and a broad selection of reds ranging from light and fruity to full-bodied and spicy.
This makes the Languedoc a happy hunting ground for the enthusiastic wine drinker. This region offers the consumer a broad range of choice, good value for money, and the opportunity to unearth some (as yet) undiscovered treasures.
Pic Wines are based at the heart of this dynamic wine growing region, and their aim is to give the UK consumer access to some of the exciting wines which they have discovered there. Most of the wines are produced by small vineyards which do not have access to broad distribution networks, particularly for the export markets, and so you are unlikely to find these wines elsewhere.