Charlemagne Wine Club - 2009 Tastings

Monday 21st September
Biodynamic and Organic wines around the world presented by Tim Syrad

If you spend too much time searching the shelves of your local wine merchant and reading the labels on the bottles, you will have noticed the increasing number of those labels proclaiming that the wine has been made from “organically grown grapes”.

As we have become familiar with the principles of organic agriculture: no herbicides or pesticides and no artificial fertilisers, we now find another buzz word being used. What on earth is “biodynamic agriculture” and how does it apply to wines? What is the point of burying cow manure in a cow’s horn and why is the moon so important to the life of the vineyard?

Tim Syrad has had a special interest in both organic and biodynamic wines for many years and will answer these questions and more, while showing a selection that will dispel any myths that these are rough and unsophisticated products. Instead we can expect wines that show how organics and biodynamics can actually facilitate the expression of ‘terroir’.