Charlemagne Wine Club - 2011 Tastings

Monday 19th September 2011
Savoie presented by Wink Lorch

St Baldolph Finally, a few good Savoie wines are available in the UK, at a time when quality in the region is going steadily up. We will tasting a sparkling, 4 whites and 3 reds from grapes you may never have heard of before – Gringet, Jacquère, Altesse, Bergeron and Mondeuse… Several of the wines are available in the UK. These are wines not just for skiers, and not just to drink with fondue, there is much more to them than this. As usual, Wink will entertain with anecdotes brought back from her home in the French Alps and other travels.

Wink Lorch has been visiting the Savoie vineyards and meeting the winemakers in this Alpine region of France for 20 years. She is the only wine writer in the UK to know about the wines in depth, advising Jancis Robinson, Oz Clarke and others when they update their books, and contributing to other books such as the Wine Opus under her own name. She contributed the chapter on Savoie (and Jura) to Wine Report - Tom Stevenson’s annual guide that was published 2004 – 2009 inclusive.

Wines Tasted :