Charlemagne Wine Club - 2016 Tastings

19th September 2016

From Anjou to Chinon

After a gap of some 15 years I recently returned to the Anjou/Saumur region of the Loire to visit friends, and it seemed churlish not to taste a few wines as well. Well, you know how it is .... you don't intend to buy much wine but somehow .........!
The Loire produces a wide range of wine styles to satisfy all palates and we will have the opportunity to taste the difference that "terroir" makes.
The younger generation, fuelled with enthusiasm from their experiences across the world, have taken over and revitalised their family estates. Investors, entrepreneurs with money to spare from their everyday enterprises, have found a new way of spending their wealth. At one of these, Château de Parnay, there is a unique walled vineyard, where significant traditions are being revived. Many estates are now also embracing organic if not biodynamic methods of production.
An added bonus for the health conscious is the lower alcohol, which helps to explain why Loire wines are the most popular wines ordered in restaurants in France.
So, I have the wines, from Savennières, Anjou, Côteaux du Layon, Saumur Champigny and Chinon and I have their stories. Come along on Monday 19th September and listen .... and taste.