2023 – June: Alternative France

According to the Wine Society …….
“If you were to try one new wine every evening, it would take you eight years to taste your way across the wine regions of France!”

While we’re not working to quite that timescale for our next tasting we do plan to offer a few more wines than usual.

France is a lot more than just Bordeaux and Burgundy, the Loire and the Rhône, let alone Champagne. These major regions offer a lot with their signature grape varieties but this is your chance to find out how other parts of France stack up against the regions we know and love.

We’ll be looking at grapes and styles from your favourite regions, but given a slight twist of geography, together with some less loved regions on the rise.

This will be an untutored event (with notes) along the lines of last year’s walkaround/sit down Summer Sparklers tasting and we hope to add some cheese and charcuterie to help it all go down.

There’s so much to explore. We do hope that you will be able to join us for a convivial evening at this Fête du Vin.

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